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Impressions matter. Whether it's for a job, a date, or school, your hair will be the first thing people notice about you. Start a new chapter by booking an appointment today.

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Styling tailored for you

Your hair's needs are unique. So why do so many salons follow a one-size-fits-all approach? At Michael The Salon, we utilize an individualized approach for every client's needs, keeping you feeling and looking your best.

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Founded by a Visionary

Michael Giambra has humble beginnings, starting off working in his family's salon in Kenmore, New York. Fueled by his passion, Michael went on to work with leaders of our industry which shaped him into the renowned hairdresser he is today. He brings over 30 years of hairdressing experience to his latest endeavor; Michael The Salon. 

With an emphasis on education, the stylists at Michael The Salon continue to perfect their craft under Michael's masterful eye, enabling them to create stylish and innovative looks tailored to each and every client.

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